Naturally Trees - Expert Arborcultural Planning, Advice and Care Since 1998

Tree Care Service

Naturally Trees are proud to be preferred contractors for the National Arborist Association of Australia. We have been providing expert arboricultural advice and practical tree care services to maintain and manage urban forests since 1998.

Our expert team can assess the hazard potential of your trees and recommend a tailored maintenance program including corrective pruning, pest and disease control, removal of structural defects and dead limbs plus much more.

We provide a diverse range of skills and experience with an emphasis on proven methods utilising the latest technology.

Allow us to comprehensively analyse your trees and provide the practical services to develop your garden into an attractive, relaxing and safe environment to enjoy for years to come.

Our tree care services include:

  • Pest & Disease control
  • Planting & Maintenance
  • Root Management & Identification
  • Tree Pruning & Removal
  • Tree Bracing Systems

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How often do we hear reports about the tragic loss of wildlife and mature trees across the world, and within our own suburbs. Trees are invaluable for their nest and shelter hollows and the very survival of many arboreal species.  Make a difference today. Visit

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