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Tree Planting & Maintenance

It seems to be a trend of late where gardeners and landscapers are shying away from planting larger trees and are recommending shrubs and smaller plants as an alternative. Although shrubs are a good compromise to smaller areas, there are suitable small trees that are often overlooked.

Adding a tree to your garden is a long time investment that will provide reward to you and future generations.

Trees play a critical role in creating an aesthetically pleasing place to live, relax and play. Trees provide shade, reduce noise and pollution, provide wildlife habitat, provide screening and enhance the beauty and value of your home. Other benefits that you can’t see or feel are endless and include oxygen production and are scientifically proven to enhance healthy living.

Allow us to help you choose the right tree for your garden, whether it is a large estate or small courtyard. Our maintenance services help people manage their trees safely and sustainably while our planting crews can install trees of all sizes.

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