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Picus Sonic Tomograph (Tree Ultrasound)

The Picus Sonic Tomograph is an instrument used for measuring decay and the structural integrity of trees. The non-invasive detection device maps the internal wood density of a tree being tested producing a two dimensional computer generated image that is clear and simple to understand.

The system measures the velocity of sound waves passing through a tree and allows our Arborists to accurately detect the location and severity of decay in a trunk or branch of a tree. The technology can help professionals and tree owners make accurate and informed decisions about trees before part or entire tree failure occurs.

Benefits of Picus Sonic Tomograph are:

• Easy to use - even close to ground level and on large irregular shaped trees

• Instant on-site results

• Improved information for long-term planning and management of trees

• See ‘inside’ the tree to greatly improve assessment

• Colour images are easy to explain to customers

• Simply the best decay detection/evaluation device currently available

Example of a recent analysis:

Test result of ultrasound

Test results of the example tree

  • 23% of the test area is sound wood (brown areas).
  • 10% of the test area is altering wood i.e. wood being altered by fungal decay (green area).
  • 67% of the test area is occupied by the active fungus (pink and blue areas).
  • The tree had extensive decay and was regarded as a high hazard despite the stable outer appearance.

This tree was located within the Sydney CBD and had a long history of below ground disturbances.  It had extensive decay within its roots and trunk base and was a high risk to persons and properties.  Despite the stable outer appearance, the tree was removed.

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