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Tree Risk Assessment in Sydney

Tree Hazard Assessments    Often, people and trees live within close proximity. In these circumstances the obvious option is to manage trees or lose them.  We have advanced understanding of tree biology and incorporate this knowledge into tree management to achieve a perfect combination of solutions to these issues.

Our consulting arborists can visit your property in Sydney’s northern beaches or surrounds to visually assess your tree's health and condition, identify any hazards, or conduct a thorough risk mitigation and tree felling assessment.

Aerial/Climbing Inspections   We are one of the few arboricultural consulting companies in Sydney that can provide climbing inspections ensuring that you get accurate information about your trees.

Our Consulting Arborists are experienced tree climbers and can climb your tree to visually assess its condition.

Root Investigation   We are able to assist you in locating roots or investigating root damage caused by trees. We can also inspect roots for disease that may cause rotting and poor tree health.

Where required, we use a handheld soil excavation tools to excavate the soil surrounding the roots. This gently removes the soil from the roots, pipes etc ensuring no damage.

Where access is dificult, the use of radar can be considered.  read more....

Broad Scale Tree Risk Assessment   We are able to assist manage the risks associated with trees located within a broad geographical area.  GPS technology allows us to collect information on each tree and overlay the information onto maps providing maintenance teams the advantage of locating trees for follow up remedial works.  read more.... 

Construction Supervision   We can ensure your trees are properly managed and protected during construction works.  Our arborists can supervise site works and coordinate with your construction team to ensure the best outcomes for your project.


Minimise hazards with a tree felling risk assessment

What do you know about your Duty of care?   Every tree owner has a legal responsibility (Duty of Care) to make sure persons are not at risk from falling trees and branches. Regular inspections of trees can assist in keeping risks to an acceptable level.

Our consultants are trained to carry out tree inspections and advise on remedial action. From single trees to entire populations, if you are anxious about tree safety, call us to help you meet your legal obligation.   

Here are a few common areas where tree safety and duty of care is essential:

  • Residential: Home owners have a duty of care to make sure persons within their property are not at risk from falling trees and branches. One of our most popular services is inspecting residential trees.
  • Landowners: Although large landowners may have many thousands of trees, they still have a duty of care to have an inspection regime in place. Not every tree requires inspection every year, but landowners should identify the areas of greatest use and focus resources where the risk is highest
  • Public access areas: Trees and people will always involve risk. Regular tree inspections are one way of keeping risks to an acceptable level. The closer they are to people and property, the more rigorous the inspection regime must be.

Tree hazard



Contact the tree risk mitigation experts for a health assessment in Sydney’s northern beaches and beyond 

Whether you live in the northern beaches of Sydney or a surrounding area, get in touch with our team of tree hazard and felling experts for a comprehensive risk mitigation assessment. Contact us today by calling 0417 250 420 or send an email with your enquiry to


  Did you know!

As a tree owner you have a duty of care to make sure persons within your property are not at risk from trees.

Ask us today how to mitigate your risk!