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Naturally Trees’ consulting arborist team are dedicated professionals providing a comprehensive and exceptional client service. Our expertise in arboriculture, ecological assessment and landscape design enables us to provide an integrated service focusing on minimising environmental risks and delivering sustainable environmental outcomes. We maintain this approach throughout all the solutions we provide.

Choose the aqf5 arborist services for Sydney

When choosing tree consultants, it’s important to choose a professional with the advanced qualifications and experience to identify and assess tree hazards, diagnose tree health problems and provide intelligent solutions. An AQF5 arborist (AQF stands for Australian Qualifications Framework) has a diploma of arboriculture, which means they’ve studied for at least four years and demonstrated their ability to carry out advanced consulting and practical tasks. An AQF5 arborist, also known as a level 5 arborist, will be able to provide the detailed information and advice you need for your project. At Naturally Trees, each Sydney arborist on our team is carefully selected for their level of professional qualifications and demonstrable expertise, as well as work experience.

The composition and flexibility of our tree consultants in Sydney allow us to provide a broad range of services including:

  • Individual tree assessments  
  • Arborist reports 
  • Tree mapping and surveying
  • Climbing inspections 
  • Root investigation 
  • Expert witness 
  • Flora and fauna surveys 
  • Biodiversity and ecological impact statements 
  • Landscape design

Don’t leave the flora and fauna aspect of your project to chance. Our consultant arborist services are designed to deliver a quality-driven approach towards your needs. To speak to our tree arborists in Sydney, call 0417 250 420. We’re more than happy to offer reliable advice or general guidance to suit your needs.

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As a tree owner you have a duty of care to make sure persons within your property are not at risk from trees.

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