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Save our Birds

by Andrew Scales | September 7, 2010

The reports that regularly come in about the tragic loss of wildlife across the world, and within our own suburbs, must surely concern us all. Particularly about birds, as the precious avifauna shows much distress because of the unpredictable climate changes. Conservationists are finding that birds are dying from the extremes of overheating and from the extreme cold in other places, as well as from new, virulent diseases. 

Each of us must do something about it! 

We at Naturally Trees are particularly concerned at the great loss of mature trees. Hundreds of trees are removed within our suburbs each year.  Mature trees are invaluable for their nest and shelter hollows and thus the survival of many arboreal species.   

The accelerated changes affect many creatures that we not only enjoy but crucially need. The pest controllers and the pollinators as well as the seed sower’s are being lost at rapid rates.  As our species devours the natural world, we drive our fellow travellers to oblivion.  If this sounds like a sad future, we need to act today to ensure the survival of our little feathered friends.  

Tree loss is enormous and it is noticeable in our suburbs and distant forests, wherever development occurs.  “We can not stop progress’, they say, but we can lessen the damage and save many species from extinction by installing artificial nest sites before trees are lost.  

So what can we do to help!

To make a difference, consider installing a SafetyNest and help protect these little creatures. Bring back the wildlife to protect our planet --- the natural recyclers and balancers, the herbivores, the insectivores, the seed sowers and the precious pollinators. Help preserve the magnificence, the simple beauty, the dawn chorus, the bush ballet. 

All habitats are endangered and now, even the greatest forests are falling. Near you, in suburbs and in the countryside, the mature trees with their precious cavities are getting scarcer hour by hour and the desperate wildlife, which need tree hollows in mature trees for shelter and nurseries, is disappearing. 

It's a real problem; just check out the trees around you.

Are there enough suitable hollows for the species to breed?

Are there any hollows, at all? 


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