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Tree Pest and Disease Control - Tree Injection

Tree injection methods used by Naturally Trees are the most environmental and cost effective ways to achieve insect control in trees. Our products are designed by tree care professionals and university researchers specifically for managing and controlling the insect pests threatening our urban forests.

SilvaShield® Injectable Tree Insecticide is the only trunk injectable insecticide available for use in Australia. The product has been used successfully around the world against various major tree insect pests and has been trialled in Australia since 2004. It has been proven to provide outstanding preventative and curative control of various insect pests, with protection provided for up to 3 years against certain pests from a single low-dose application.

Many of the pesticides that were once used in the landscape were quite dangerous to us, our trees and to the environment however the good news is that there is now a very safe and effective product on the market. Direct injection of the product into the tree presents a very low risk to applicators, the general public and non-target organisms; eliminates the water requirements associated with other conventional application techniques and provides greater flexibility in terms of application in difficult sites.

The tree injection methods can be used in various tree species in gardens, parks, forests, picnic grounds, streetscapes and other areas where protection of trees is warranted.

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Don't just take our word for it!

"Thank you so much for the incredibly successful treatment you carried out on our oak tree earlier this year.
For the first time in 15 years our back garden is not covered in black sooty mould and is thriving again.
The sandstone paving and steps are not black either! The oak tree is so much healthier.
We are thrilled!   THANK YOU!"
Julia. G, Longueville NSW