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Xanthostemon chrysanthus (Golden Penda)

by Andrew Scales | August 1, 2010

Xanthostemon chrysanthus (Golden Penda)

SPECIES: Xanthostemon chrysanthus (Golden Penda)
DIMENSIONS: Can reach up to 20m high but generally 12m x 10m.
ORIGIN: Queensland rainforest
SOIL TYPE: Moist, well drained soils.
ASPECT: Warmer climates in a sunny position.
TOLERANCE: Frost sensitive. Prefers warm to hot climates.
USES: A desirable garden plant for warmer climates in a sunny position in moist, well drained soils. Blooms attract nectar feeding birds.
DESCRIPTION: Evergreen medium sized tree from rainforests of Qld. Glossy greenleaves with reddish new growth. Clusters of bright yellow flowers that extend at the ends of branches in summer and autumn and are very conspicuous. Useful as a feature or screen. Bird attracting. Prefers a moist well drained position. Flowering may be unreliable in temperate climates. Reponds well to pruning and may be maintained in shrub proportions.

Golden penda

Golden Penda

Xanthostemon chrysanthusleaves and flowers.