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Stenocarpus sinuatus (Fire Wheel Tree)

    Stenocarpus sinuatus (Fire Wheel Tree)

  SPECIES: Stenocarpus sinuatus (Fire Wheel Tree)



 Fire Wheel Tree

Fire Wheel Tree flower and leaves

  DIMENSIONS: 12m x 6m wide (Can reach 30m in rainforest)
   ORIGIN: Northern NSW to Queensland (Tropical Rainforest)
  SOIL TYPE: Suits most soil types and tolerates dry periods once established. Prefers moist, well drained soil semi-shade.
  ASPECT: Sunny position or partial sunlight.
  TOLERANCE: Tolerates shade and full sun and dry periods once established.
  EVERGREEN/DECIDUOUS:         Evergreen                                                                                       
  USES: Can be grown for its profuse floral display, bird attracting or as a screening plant or simply used as a feature or ornamental tree.

The stem is erect with a narrow spreading crown. The leaves are a fresh green colour and the ornamental flower are bright red in a circle formation, hence the name ‘Firewheel Tree’. The red flowers cover the canopy in summer, between February and March.