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Scale Insects

by Andrew Scales | June 23, 2010
Scale Insects

What is all that Black STUFF covering my garden and courtyard?

That black stuff possibly the residue from Scale insects....

These insects are often seen in plague proportions as they feed on sap, drawn directly from the plant's vascular system. They can be found on the stems and mid-rib of soft leaves.  

Large amounts of honeydew coats the infected tree before falling on areas below.  The honeydew is a substrate for the growth of sooty mould.

Symptoms include reduced vigour and distorted new leaves and terminal shoots can die back. 

Damage occurs on a wide host of trees but is commonly seen on Lilly Pilly's and Chinese Tallow. 

Call us to arrange an inspection of your trees and assist in the treatment of those critters. 











Scale Insects - White Wax Scale





Scale insects concregating along the trees vascular system