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Hymenosporum flavum (Native Frangipani)

by Andrew Scales | September 9, 2013

Hymenosporum flavum (Native Frangipani)

SPECIES: Hymenosporum flavum (Native Frangipani)
DIMENSIONS: Can reach up to 15m high but generally 10m to 12m.
ORIGIN: A rainforest tree which is native to Queensland, New South Wales and New Guinea.
SOIL TYPE: Suitable in a wide range of well drained soil types
ASPECT: Grows in full sun to dappled shade and is adaptable to most well drained soils.
TOLERANCE: Direct sun.
USES: A fragrant and fast-growing native tree with deep green foliage and yellow or white-yellow flowers. Aromatic flowers last for more than six weeks during spring. Versatile and hardy.
DESCRIPTION: From the tropical forests of the east coast, the Native Frangipani has been well utilised in gardens and landscapes throughout Australia with its delicate, fragrant flowers that last for a lengthy period in spring. It adapts to a wide range of well-drained soils. Sometimes quite erect in habit the moderately-sized tree can grow to be more dense and bushy with proper pruning, further increasing its versatility. It enjoys full sun but can manage in part shade comfortably, meaning versatility in gardens, parks, lawns, streetscapes or landscapes.

Hymenosporum flavum


Hymenosporum flavum leaves and flowers.

Native Frangipani