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Flindersia australis (Crows Ash)

by Andrew Scales | May 27, 2010

Flindersia australis (Crows Ash, Australian Teak)

SPECIES: Flindersia australis(Crows Ash, Australian Teak)
DIMENSIONS: Can reach up to 40m high but generally only 10m in 25 years in Sydney
ORIGIN: Queensland and New South Wales (Sub-Tropical Rainforest at low altitude)
SOIL TYPE: Adaptable
ASPECT: Sunny position or partial sunlight.
TOLERANCE: Tolerates full sun / filtered sun.
USES: A very hardy tree that is ideal as a shade tree. Can be grown as a street tree, wind break or simply used as a feature specimen. Bird and butterfly attracting tree.
DESCRIPTION: The stem is erect with a rounded crown and bears masses of small white flowers in spring. The leaves are glossy dark green with a paler under surface. Woody and spikey capsules look like little durians, 7–10 cm long.

Crows Ash

Flindersia australis leaves and fruit

Flindersia australis leaves and fruit.