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Fig Leaf Beetle

by Andrew Scales | July 31, 2010
Fig Leaf Beetle


What’s chewing the leaves on my fig tree?

The Fig Leaf beetle defoliates Port Jackson figs (Ficus rubiginosa) at a rapid rate. The larvae and adult fig beetle feed on the surface of the leaves causing the leaves to curl, shrivel and fall from the tree.

The adult fig beetle lays cream coloured, spindle shaped eggs in clusters on the leaves. Once the fig leaf beetle larvae have matured they pupate in the soil at the base of the tree and then emerge in 2-3 weeks as adult beetles.  The larvae are responsible for the most severe damage leading to defoliation of leaves. Damage by adults is identifiable by the 'scalloped' feeding pattern on the edges (margins) of leaves.


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 Fig Leaf Beetle Damage

Fig Leaf Beetle  damage