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Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Tuckeroo)

Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Tuckeroo)


SPECIES: Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Tuckeroo)

Water Gum


Cupaniopsis anacardiodes       

Tuckeroo leaves

DIMENSIONS: 8m high x 7m spread 
ORIGIN: New South Wales and Queensland
SOIL TYPE: Prefers light to medium soils but can cope with many different soil conditions so are quite adaptable.
ASPECT: Sunny position, partial sunlight, or even quite some shade.
TOLERANCE: It will withstand seaside and drought conditions but dislikes frost.
EVERGREEN/DECIDUOUS:         Evergreen                                                                    
USES: Can be grown as a street tree, used in small courtyard areas or simply used as an ornamental specimen
DESCRIPTION: The stem is erect, slender and smooth with a widelspreading crown and branches reaching to the ground. The leaves are glossy green and divided into 6 to 10 oval to elliptical, leathery, short stemmed leaflets.The flowers are greyish white and inconspicuous occurring from Spring to Summer. Fruit is orange-red, fleshy berries containing showy, orange seeds.