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Buckinghamia celsissima (Ivory Curl)

    Buckinghamia celsissima (Ivory Curl)

  SPECIES: Buckinghamia celsissima (Ivory Curl)



Ivory Curl

Ivory Curl tree, flower and leaves

  DIMENSIONS: 10m high x 8m spread (up to 20m in natural environment)
   ORIGIN: Northern NSW to Queensland (Tropical Rainforest)
  SOIL TYPE: Suits most soil types. Prefers moist, well drained soil in full sun to semi-shade.
  ASPECT: Sunny position or partial sunlight.
  TOLERANCE: Tolerates shade and full sun.
  EVERGREEN/DECIDUOUS:         Evergreen                                                                                       
  USES: Can be grown for its profuse floral display, bird attracting or as a screening plant or simply used as a feature or ornamental tree.

Rough brown bark and bushy growth to ground level. Long shiny leaves with a lighter green above and velvety beneath.  New leaves are tinged red or pink. Long flowering period and sweet fragrant, cream-white flowers.